In February of 1992 The Lord spoke to Brother Willie Cage and told him that his mission was to begin a ministry in the city of Albany, LA.  After hearing and following the Voice of The Lord, he went about searching for a place of worship.  Being unfamiliar with the area he stopped on the corner of North Cafe’ Line Rd. and inquired about a vacant house located on the corner lot.  In speaking with Mr. & Mrs. Primas, he learned that the house was not available for church, but could be used for Bible Study and the area on the corner for preaching.

At this time, Brother Cage contacted the state Evangelist, Oscar Richardson and informed him of the mission and requested that he come out and work with him to carry out the street ministry.  The first street service was held Saturday, March 14, 1992.

On the 3rd Sunday morning of service, worship service started in that old house with 25 people, including Pastor Willie Cage & First Lady Phyliss Cage.  Evangelist Oscar Richardson, his wife, Sister Sheryl Richardson, Minister Kenneth McKnight and his wife, Rebecca McKnight.  After this service they were inspired to do more.  They developed an Outreach Ministry that ministered  to the whole man.  There was free food, games and the Word of God.  Pastor Cage continued to preach on the corner and about three weeks following, Mr. Primas’ brother informed Pastor Cage that he had a house that he would consider allowing him (Pastor Cage) to renovate.  After receiving the approval of Mr. Primas’ niece, God’s Tabernacle of Deliverance COGIC  “GTOD” was born.  The majority of the renovation was done by God’s Tabernacle first official member, Brother Clarence Johnson and Pastor Cage.  The Church Dedication Service was held November 15 – November 20, 1992.  The dedication was officiated by Bishop James Gordon, Jurisdiction # 1 Eastern Louisiana.  Other ministers in attendance were Elder Daniel Muse, Elder Agrippa Cage, Elder Russell Watkins, Elder Timothy Richardson and Superintendent Samuel Richardson.

In March 1993, The Lord allowed Pastor Cage to perform God’s Tabernacle of Deliverance first Baptism service which was held at Community COGIC under the leadership of Pastor Daniel Muse.  After 35 souls were baptized on that day,the ministry remained stead fast and on the course appointed by The Lord.

From 1994 through 1998 God continued to teach Pastor Cage how to become the leader he created him to be.  God began to teach him how to totally deny himself and become sensitive to His voice, Spirit and His Presence.  These were challenging times for Pastor Cage but with the help, Word and Anointing of God he continued to grow spiritually.  During this period of 4 years of fasting and praying and seeking God, the church membership grew; marriages were performed; families were being united and some people in the community was gradually adapting to change.

In 1999 The Lord revealed a great vision unto Pastor Cage concerning a new mega sanctuary that was constructed on HWY 190 near Albany.  Immediately their hearts were filled with excitement as they began to make preparations and began negotiations for the land in which The Lord had given them.  On January 7, 2001, the church was destroyed by arson.  This caused great pain for Pastor Cage and the members.  The Lord had greater plans in store for God’s Tabernacle of Deliverance.  During this time of lost, Pastor Johnny Dunomes allowed Pastor Cage to share his church for worship service for 10 months.

God’s Tabernacle of Deliverance became a part of the Greater New Orleans Jurisdiction under the leadership of Bishop Lindell B. Brown who had a great vision and love for all people.

While continuing to follow after the vision that was set before Pastor Cage, God’s Tabernacle of Deliverance sponsored the first Sunday School Leadership Conference, which was held at the Holiday Inn located in Hammond, Louisiana.  There were speakers from all parts of the world to come and fellowship with us.  At this time, The Lord gave First Lady Phyliss Cage a theme that the church adopted as a motto, ” A Productive Ministry in a More Excellent Way.”

October 2001, Prophet Charles Dillon from Chicago, Illinois prophesied to Pastor Cage and the members that The Lord will put the church in its own building within 6 months but not on HWY 190.

November 2001, God’s Tabernacle moved to its current location in Hammond, LA.

During the first service, The Lord gave His confirmation by filling a gentleman with the Holy Ghost.  What a confirmation!  During the first revival, 35 souls were filled with the Holy Ghost.  Lives were recommitted to God and Pastor Stanley Jones confirmed the Word from God that the church must become “A Productive Ministry in a More Excellent Way.”

As The Lord continued to elevate Pastor Cage and he continued to minister to the people, the ministry continued to grow.  During 2002 – 2007  God continued to encourage His people by giving Pastor Cage encouraging themes such as “Demonstrating Holiness in Excellence by Commitment to our Lord, Family and Community Through Kingdom Living (2006); Walking in the Newness of Life 100% Kingdom Living (2007).

God’s Tabernacle of Deliverance continued to increase during 2008 – 2012 as Pastor Cage continued to seek God and teach the Word with strength and no hesitation.  The Lord increased the body of believers – men, women, youth, children.  Also, Evangelism, Sunday School, and Sound & Video Ministries were added. Baptisms took place; ordinations of Elders, Deacons, Ministers, Church Mothers, and Missionaries went forth as well.

The Holy Spirit continues to give Pastor Cage powerful themes such as (2008) The Mark of the Highest Service; (2009) Evangelizing our Communities through Kingdom Living ; (2010) Mandating Faith that Releases Kingdom Living ;  (2013) Illuminating the Lives of Others while continuously Applying Kingdom Principles to Our Lives; and  (2014) Strengthening each other, Enhancing our ministries for increase, while Evangelizing our Communities through Kingdom Principles .

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