Bishop Willie L. Cage 

Bishop Willie L. Cage, pastor, preacher, teacher, husband, father, faithful friend, is a Louisiana native and fourth generation Church of God in Christ preacher.  For more than two decades, Bishop Cage has shared the gospel through preaching, evangelism, missions and serving the community.  He is a firm believer that the body of Christ should be empowered in every area and aspect of life.  His preaching and teaching focuses on empowering believers spiritually, developing them educationally, exposing them culturally, activating them politically and strengthening them economically.  His gift of helping a person realize their purpose and teaching them to turn their potential into kinetic so that the work of the Lord can be manifested in their life, has become his trademark.

Bishop Cage is the founding Pastor of God’s Tabernacle of Deliverance Church of God in Christ in Hammond LA, affectionately called (GTOD), a thriving ministry on the cutting edge.  He has served in various capacities with the Church of God in Christ, including the Executive Committee for the National Leadership Convention, Administrative Assistant in the Greater New Orleans Jurisdiction and Superintendent of the Deliverance District.  In 2016, Bishop Cage was consecrated as the Jurisdictional Prelate of South Central Louisiana Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction by the Presiding Bishop of the Churches of God in Christ, Inc., Bishop Charles Edward Blake.

Bishop Cage is also a successful entrepreneur and businessman.  He has founded and established businesses such as Quality Home Claim Service, C&S Tax Service LLC, Bel-Cage Construction LLC, 3MA Insurance, and a substance abuse transitional house for men. He has also founded Liberty Restoration Community Development Corporation, a nonprofit 501c3 HUD approved housing development agency and counseling center, where the mission is to restore lives and build better communities one person at a time.  Bishop Cage has been a catalyst for change throughout the Hammond, LA region.

His educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree from Christian Bible College of Southeast Louisiana and an Honorary Bachelor’s Degree from Greater New Orleans Jurisdiction School of Ministry Training Institute.  He is married to Missionary Phyliss S. Cage, a devoted woman of God, and he the proud father of Monica, Marcy, Marquita, and Anon who are all saved and filled with the Holy Ghost and are active in the ministry.

A man after God’s own heart, Bishop Cage understands the need to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth and is wholly committed to equipping and empowering believers.  He is a leader with a global mission, which is to teach the world to know God and live by the principles of His word, so that they can operate in their purpose.

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